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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
When reached for comment, Mrs. Hunt advised, "While the six robbers each had a single bullet wound causing their deaths, Mrs. Waite was shot at least three times. We think this needs to be thoroughly investigated on a federal level using all the resources of the government in order to find out the reasons why so many shots were used."
The number of shots can easily be easily explained. This "engagement" clearly occurred in a 10-round mag limit state, and Mr. Huaco was clearly caught with only a single mag for his weapon, leaving him in a position where he did not wish to expend his last round EXCEPT in the most desperate of circumstances. A tacky purse embroidered with a dollar sign, while boorish in the extreme, would not be considered such an emergency. Rather than being castigated, Mr. Huaco should be commended for his superb tactical technique.
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