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Originally Posted by Johnspark View Post
I'm confused...with that much dislike, how did you end up acquiring the knife in the first place? Do you normally just throw a hundred bucks at a knife and hope you like it later?
Was it gifted to you?

I'm just trying to each his/her own.
I bought it online without ever handling it. If a knife looks good, I'll buy it and if I don't like it, I'll sell it. (i rarely find a knife that i dont like) I have a mess of knives and don't tend to keep the ones that I don't like. The particular knife in question, however, I would have felt bad accepting money for.

In the knife world an $89 gamble is trivial as SE6 said. A real gamble is dropping $425 on a CRK, Umnumzaan sight unseen, without ever handling one. That gamble paid off though.

Hopefully sometime in the near future ill be gambling on a Hinderer XM-18 and a ZT0600.

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