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Originally Posted by Cochese View Post
I had an RSA on there silly goose. I took it off since it is a TRX extreme rail with no side rails and I had to mount the RSA on top instead of how it is intended loop up on the side. Didn't work too well on this little guy.

Figures, the GG&G flip cover thingy has a broken spring I didn't notice AND won't fit my E-XPS since I have the OEM bolt on shroud on there already.

Imma get that Danger forward attachment point and then I'm done.

For now.
I actually have my RSA's on the top pointed left. I prefer it that way. You can run them however you want so don't let the lack of side rails deter you from running them. They're solid mounts and I really like them. I'm tired of running QD rings for slings.
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