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Originally Posted by agtman View Post
Seems to me that a G20 long-slide, with a compensator, would pretty much get you there.

15+1 rds, long sight radius and highly controllable w/ hot loads ... Sounds like a 10mm race gun.
A Race Gun, or USPSA Open Class gun, has a red dot sight so sight radius is a non issue. Most guys shooting race guns have 28ish round mags, so 15rds would put you at a distinct disadvantage. Also, the comp is what flattens the muzzle rise, so the extra slide mass doesn't really help either. Again, most guys that shoot open class are running lightened G17 slides, which helps speed up the cycling. More than likely you'd be running a 155gr bullet @ 1070-1100fps or a 135gr bullet @ 1225-1260 (only 165PF to make major) with something slow like W296/H110. I'm sure we all know that those bullets at those velocities are child's play in 10mm. I'm shooting a G20SF in limited Class, and like flex said, it's a great Limited gun. If you want to shoot a G20 in open class for fun it would probably work just fine, but it's a whole different story if you want to really compete.

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