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If only it was legal to run up to the kid, push him down and scream at him while shooting all your bullets into the ground just a few feet next to him.

All kids now seem to be Emo or gangsta.. Asian and White people dressing up and acting like black people straight out from the ghetto.. That's like black people trying to act like Asians..
Killing people, gettin dat money and gettin Hoe's are a way of life nowadays. Oh, and killing people for what they have in their pockets..
It's the Rap videos you see on TV. It looks so cool and they are so bad ass, don't you just WannaBe just like them?

I just watched 15 episodes of "The First 48" and almost every person who killed someone was black and a gangsta..
The show "Bait Car" is the same way.. If you do see a white guy, he is so far gone gangsta that he is.. well, pretty much the same category. Same thing with the prison shows on TV..

I don't think I have ever seen a show where some white guy killed another guy because he caught him having sex with his wife.
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