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Originally Posted by uglyblackguns View Post
Ok so like the title says would a G20 make a decent race gun? I have been upgrading my G20 with some tweak here and there and have looked into possibly making it a race gun. Haven't gone too crazy with it...yet. So do you think it would be crazy to do it with a G20 and just go and get a 17 or 34 and do it with those. Has anyone seen a 20 being used as a race gun and is the 10mm even a viable option to shoot in matches. I have recently got set up for reloading so I am not too worried about ammo. I have time on my side, I don't need to have this gun done anytime soon so I can work at my own pace and do most of the work myself. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Seems to me that a G20 long-slide, with a compensator, would pretty much get you there.

15+1 rds, long sight radius and highly controllable w/ hot loads ... Sounds like a 10mm race gun.
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