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GT's Huaco Kid, hereafter HK, was today cleared of any wrong doing in the wrongful death suit brought by the surviving family members of Helen Waite.

HK, while shopping in the Pharmacy section of Wal-Mart, was implored by his local SWAT team to assist with a call up due to an armed robbery, at the Old Navy, which was located on the other side of Wal-Mart's parking lot. When the plaintiff's attorney asked about how the SWAT team knew of HK's actual whereabouts, the city attorney vehemently objected to the question while mentioning national security.

At trial it was revealed that after making contact with HK on the toothpaste aisle, the SWAT team advised him they needed some sniper back up and time was of critical essence, so he agreed. After running -x- across the parking lot in the SWAT van, approximately 60 yards, HK found a good covering position behind a concrete planter, which offered a good firing lane near the Old Navy's front entrance. With HK taking this covering position, the SWAT team members then made a dynamic tactical entry on the rear of the store.

During the process of SWAT clearing the store, HK managed to shoot 6 of the 8 suspects that he saw running from the building as well as managing to pick up a couple good deals on some colorful Hawaiian shirts. Unfortunately, by accident he also shot a seventh person, which was not involved in the robbery. This person, 58 year old Helen Waite, whom turned out to be a hospital's spokesperson on vacation from Alaska, was shot as she frantically tried to leave the store.

The jury deliberated for eight days before bringing back a not guilty verdict. The judge, when reading the jury's findings, added that had Mrs. Waite not been carrying a hand bag with a dollar sign on it, which was given to her as a novelty gift by her husband, she would not have been shot by the defendant.
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