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Back on topic...

There is a new post on Box Of Truth about Fed 132-1B that's worth looking at however the beginning of that review is where this discussion should be. For those prone to tl;dr, the essence is that Fed didn't make 132-1B because no one asked them to make a high end #1 buck round. No one asked for it because it didn't exist and on and on it went until someone did ask and then pester and ask again.

As I've said in other posts, if we want a high end Flite Control type of 20 gauge ammo, you need to start sending email to all the major producers and tell them why you want it.

They make money selling stuff and they are not going to refuse to sell something they can make money off of. We demand enough of something and it will get produced.

Look at how fast they came up with loads for the .45/.410 revolvers.
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