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Originally Posted by dajcarroll View Post
...and if hit in the right spot one shot with a .22 can be lethal as well...

G19 - Gen 3
G37 - Gen 3
NEF Pardner SBI 12 Ga.
Savage Model 24 - .22LR/410
big difference.

I have a .22 here that has killed more deer than any gun I know of. It. a flashlight, and some skill fed my Dad's family through the depression. That does not mean I think it is a great deer rifle. It does not mean I would choose it over a 20ga for deer and hence I wouldn't chose it over a 20ga for SD either. Once again, See Massad Ayoob's "StressFire-shotgun" for a good evaluation of the 20ga as a SD choice.
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