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Is it a Good deal? Aimpoint Compm4 for 600$

So one of my shooting buddies moved back here to Florida. As we were catching up he was mentioning all this tactical gear he purchased a while back and has been sitting on them. after listing his items I decided to take a look at his Aimpiont PROs compm4's and m3's he had.

Long story short I purchased a compm4 for $600.00 cash.
He mentioned he was breaking about even on it. I did notice after i paid for it that they're somewhere in the $600-800 range. 600 being used used with wear and tear.

It was brand spanking new in the box with matching serial number from box to compm4. Looked like it never had been mounted, came in white box with a QD qrp2 mount, gooseneck extension rail,ARD/Killflash, spacer, bikini rubber caps, and all screws needed.
I did extensive research on aimpoint's website and mojo's (from another forum) "how to spot a fake Aimpoint CompM4" and the one I purchased checks out as authentic.

I hopped on this deal because I automatically assumed it was a good deal.

My question is, did I get a good deal or should I ask for the cash back?

If it's a good price should I buy more from him at this price?
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