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Originally Posted by RYT 2BER View Post
I almost bought an IO at one point... Like the look of them but as you mentioned, I read some less than stellar reviews...

Hope you get it sorted out... Maybe give IO a call ... At least since its a domestic item, maybe they can give you an idea or warranty it?
Very true. I was happy I was getting a American made AK but i bought it blind and never knew that they were not very good reviewed firearms. I like the gun and it has really impressed me until this happened. I also love to diagnose and fix my guns myself. it keeps me more intune to how they function so I hope I can figure this out myself. I have searched high and low on the internet and cant find anyone describing a problem like this. I have thought of a few ways im sure would fix it but I cant grasp what is actually causing the problem in the first place. I will try a few things and if they dont work I might have to swallow my pride and call I.O up. like I also mentioned it resets its self very easily when this happens by just pulling the charging handle back and letting it go and it back into business. could it be the looseness of the bolt in the carrier? also it rotates while in contact with the hammer so could the surface of that throw it off and let it unlock and rotate?
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