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anyone with ak47 knowledge please help.

I have a ak47 (akm) that I got recently in a trade . It was brand new and has fired about 400 rounds flawlessly until the other day. All of a sudden I let a friends wife shoot it and it acted like it jammed. I took it from her and the bolt carrier was locked completely back. I pulled back on the charging handle and it released and came forward and fired completely fine for about another 30 rounds and then it did it once again. I took a look even closer to see exactly what it was doing and discovered something I have never seen before. Somehow the bolt was rotating in the rear position and catching on the lower rail. This happened about 3 times that day out of 100 rounds. The bolt has some play in the bolt carrier but from what I have read that is normal. I was wondering if anyone has heard of this and knows how to fix it. It seems a recoil buffer might work because it literally happens with in the full rearward part of the action. I could only get it to repeat this by pulling the carrier all the way back and pushing the bolt with a screwdriver and letting it slide forward and rotate. I really like this rifle and want it to be 100% reliable like ak47's are suppose to be.
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