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'nother new guy.. from Ohio!

Looks to be a great forum here. I just finally drank the kool-aid and got my first Glock, after years of being fairly adamant in saying I would never own one. Really fell in love with the Gen 3 17 after getting to play with one at the club a few weeks ago, ended up selling one of my 1911's (oh NO!!! lol) and came home last Friday with a brand new G17... My wife was happy about the purchase until I showed her how much aftermarket there is for the Glocks ( she didnt realize its almost as tweakable as a 1911). So I got some more mags, and an extended slide stop on the way. Perhaps a ghost 3.5 connector soon and thatll be it. For now. But anyways hooray for a new IDPA/ 3 gun pistol. Woot.
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