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Originally Posted by Bren View Post

If you need to worry about special grips because your J frame .38 hurts your really shouldn't admit that in public. I'm been shooting them with wood grips and +P ammo since the 80's and haven't felt one that hurt yet.
It's not so much "hurt" as it can be uncomfortable. Either can lead to less practice, which is not good.

Some people do get 'bitten' pretty good (from what they say), but as you point out, even wood grips can work just fine.

My only intent with the OP was to offer up a technique for gripping the gun that I 'accidentally' discovered and found comfortable for shooting the little guns.

Incidentally, the Uncle Mike's grips are pretty stiff, not soft like Pachmayrs. For all practical purposes, they might as well be wood. Except for finish wear, of course: The Uncle Mike's are much more 'forgiving' in that regard, too.

Lastly, "special grips" exist because there is a demand for them. If you prefer factory grips or others of whatever composition, more power to you.

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