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Knives of 2012 - What have you bought, and what's on the list?

Well, what knives have you purchased this year, and which ones are on your "to buy" list this year?

I've managed to acquire most of the ones on my list, waiting to see if I can luck into an 0777 when they release this month. We'll see where my whims take me

Updated list:

Benchmade 810 Contego (grey, plain edged blade)
CRKT SPEW (stupid damn name...)
Kershaw Leek (frankenLeek, composite blade, red smoked handle)
Benchmade 940 Osborne (satin, plain edged blade)
Liontribe BullGod XT
Benchmade 176 SOCP (modified into neck knife)
ZT 0651 (with Rival camo scale)
Benchmade 610 Rukus
Kershaw Leek (black blade, tan handle)
Benchmade 12800 NRA edition Gaucho
Kershaw Blur (blem, frankenBlur,tigerstriped blade, OD green handle)
Zero Tolerance 0350 (stonewashed blade, black G10 handle)
Kershaw Blur (CPM-154 blade, carbon fiber handle inserts)
Kershaw Blur (blem, frankenBlur, tigerstriped blade, desert sand handle)
Kershaw Blur (blem, frankenBlur, tigerstriped blade, desert sand handle)
Kershaw Leek (blem, composite blade, stainless framelock)
Kershaw Leek (blem, S30V blade, G10 handle)
Kershaw Leek (frankenLeek, reverse tanto blade, blue smoked handle)
Zero Tolerance 0400
Boker Burnley Kwaiken
Bradshaw "Altoids tin" knife
ESEE Junglas
Zero Tolerance 0200 (blem)
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