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Originally Posted by dla View Post
Excellent way for that shop to tie up money in inventory that doesn't move. I can tell that you've never run a business.

The absolute biggest vendor is Hodgdon. They know what sells. Ask them. The key is to appeal to the new reloader - the guy who isn't going to buy from Powder Valley because he's still posting "What's the best powder for 45acp" on the forums.

The LGS can facilitate a group buy now and then for the volume loaders - this keeps the LGS from getting stuck with product that ain't gonna move. And it helps build shooting sport interest.
The problem is where the op lives doesn’t mean what the people in that area reloads or shoots use the most popular powders that Hodgdon’s sells. Do the people in that area reload more for rifle or more pistols or even shot gun? Or are they the same? Yes Hodgdon’s could probably tell you the most popular powder throughout the U.S. But probably not in the city the OP lives.
I have lived in all four corners of the U.S. and in the middle and every place what the most popular powders that people used was different.
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