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Originally Posted by CaptainXL View Post
I think you've hit it right on the head. Ask customers what they want to see being stocked. That is what I am going to suggest that the shop does.

To clarify my original question: Most reloaders in our area reload handgun calibers. 9mm, .38, .40 & 45

Most reloaders already know that if you go through a lot of powder that you can save $$$ by ordering online. BUT, you guys that are loading a lot of ammo forget that there are many people that go through only 1 or 2 lbs of powder per year. (I know - powder doesn't spoil) For them and/or people that want to buy just 1 lb of a powder for any reason a LGS is the answer.

In a nutshell there is a need at LGS for reloading supplies and this shop doesn't want to have stuff sitting on the shelves gathering dust. He wants powders that he can sell relatively quickly, thereby making his profit and turning over his product.
Excellent way for that shop to tie up money in inventory that doesn't move. I can tell that you've never run a business.

The absolute biggest vendor is Hodgdon. They know what sells. Ask them. The key is to appeal to the new reloader - the guy who isn't going to buy from Powder Valley because he's still posting "What's the best powder for 45acp" on the forums.

The LGS can facilitate a group buy now and then for the volume loaders - this keeps the LGS from getting stuck with product that ain't gonna move. And it helps build shooting sport interest.
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