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Originally Posted by CaptainXL View Post
A new small gun shop open up in the area a couple of weeks ago so I went in to see what they had, introduce myself, etc. While talking to one of the owners I mentioned that our area was a reloaders "desert". Other than the new shop, it is 35 miles to the next closest LGS and they have a extremely limited amount of powder, primers, etc.

I told the owner of the new LGS that I thought he would probably move a fair amount of reloading (comsumable)components if he stocked some powder, primers, bullets, etc. The owner knows nothing about reloading. I suggested that he carry 3 or so of the most popular powders, some pistols primers and some 9mm and .40 bullets to start with.

The owner said money is a little tight but he would consider carrying some powder,etc. but can not afford at this point in time to tie up a bunch of money in store inventory on things that will sit on the shelfs. Therefore he is interested in "the most popular" and biggest selling powders only at this time.

He asked which powders I thought are the most popular. I gave him MY opinion of what were the most popular powders, but I am not sure that my opinion of the most popular powders is correct.

In your opinion, which powders are the most popular and best selling? I don't want to know what you personally use a lot of or like the most. I want to know what you think the fastest selling, most popular and most widely used 3 powders are.
Call Hodgdon. They'll tell you what the top sellers are. Unless you've got some dedicated customers, anybody who shoots a lot is probably going to bulk order online and not bother with a pound here and there at a local shop. So better to plan for the noob.

The forum ninnies always promote the crappiest powders - stuff that was popular with Abe Lincoln. For the same reason why they still push RCBS RockChuckers as a first press - i.e. they don't know any better but they like to post

So give the vendors a call because the forums can be misleading.
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