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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
Gun belts are usually thicker and stiffer and some have stitching or liners that help stiffen them, so they don't sag with the gun.

Personally, I never buy "gun belts" even for competition. I look for a thick, leather single-layer belt (even some "gun belts" are crappy stitched layers that afll apart). I can get one at Tractor Supply that will work better than a high dollar belt from Galco or Bianchi.

I've been carrying for over 30 years and except for when I was in uniform I have never used a "gun belt".

Go to WalMart, Tractor Supply, Academy Sports, etc and look at their belts.

I usually either wear a Dickies' or a Wrangler belt. You do have to pick out one that is thicker and stiffer than a simple "dress type" belt. I usually pay about $10.00 to $13.00 for a belt.

After its a couple of years old I wear it as a work belt and when it's starts to fall apart, like the 5yo $10.00 belt that I'm currently wearing to work, I throw 'em away.

I usually have a couple in my closet that I've bought because I like the way they're made.

The handguns that I carry with my Dickies' belt? Look at my Sig line plus a Taurus PT845, a steel frame 5" 1911, a 4" S&W Model 15 and several other full side guns.


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