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Law scholar, this is true. And I have the same opinion about those products too. Like the Ferrari. They can cost 80 thousand dollars more than a nice Buick for example. Is that worth it? Absolutely not. There's comes a point where it's not a quality issue any longer. If you were to compare a Chevy Cavalier to a Mercedes than sure. There's a huge disparity between the two, in every single category. But is a Ferrari 80 grand better than a new Buick? Not at all. You're just shelling out money for the brand, and the fad factor, and NOTHING more.
Past say, a S&W M&P, a 2000 dollar 1911 is about 1575 extra dollars spent, to get a gun that doesn't do anything better than the Smith. It was spent for fad factor only. It's heavier and holds less rounds. If it's for the all steel single action preference only, then what was wrong with a 600 dollar Springfield then? What does a 2000 dollar 1911 do, for the local shoots or personal defense, that a 600 dollar Springfield cant?
Remember, I didn't post this thread because I can't figure out why people think 1911's are cool. There's nothing wrong with a 1911. It was the 2000 dollar plus models, that people use for everyday use. That's what I can't figure out.
All the weight, bulk, sharp edges, lack of magazine capacity, and levers and switches sticking out all over the place is tolerable to some people, for 400-700 dollars. I understand that. But for me, spending 2000 dollars, and still having to put up with all that **** just isn't worth it any longer. I could get spend 398 dollars and get a Glock 26, and not have to contend with ANY of that crap. I get a gun that does all the same things, a still be 1600 dollars ahead as well...
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