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Originally Posted by wrangler_dave9 View Post
I am wondering what the differences are of an actual Gun Belt vs. a Dickies belt off the shelf at Wal-Mart. Are they thicker? made of a different material internally? Any note worthy differences in width? What makes it so much better to have a gun belt for IWB or OWB carry?
One leaves your wallet a little lighter.

I wear a double-grommet belt from Walmart. It looks somewhat like this, maybe a bit thicker, I can't really tell from these pics. Buckle is a bit different and more rugged, I can tell you that much.:
Carry Issues

It cost me ~10 bucks. I've had it since as far back as I can remember. Easily over 5 years. I've worn it boating, hiking, camping, hunting. I've clipped all manner of crap onto it. I've threaded it through belt loops on khakis, fatigues, and jeans. I even throw it over shorts or my bathing suit when I want to carry stuff on it. Its been soaked, frozen, washed in saltwater, heated like only Florida sun inside a car for weeks can deliver, you name it. It has never once failed me in any way, shape or form.

Yes, it isn't named, "Super Macho Wilderness Tactical Instructor Grizzly Bear Raping Rough Tough Nitro Burn Dee Doo belt," but dammit, it does its job just fine.

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