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My UPS guy is great...and I just got another order of ammo in yesterday. Nowhere on the case does it say ammo...just the ORM-D label...but when the driver handed it to me...he said "have some more ammo for ya".
This was a private I assumed that the carrier is informed that this is in fact ammo. It's disclosed upon shipping in order to be compliant...get the ORM-D I wonder if it gets "indexed" or stamped somewhere on the label in order to disclose to all those who handle (loaders, unloaders, sorters, drivers) said package?
To the OP, I do think your driver was being a ****.
Not sure if there are different colored ORM-D labels that would identify ammo, aerosols, chemicals, etc.
Next time I see my UPS driver, I will ask if they are notified that ammunition is in the box regardless of the exterior.
The only thing on the box I received yesterday that stands out is the "barcode"...which has a bulls-eye on it. I looked that up on the net, but did not find specific info that would say it identifies said box is ammo.
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