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I have een a 1911 since 1977. My wife has become a fan to the point she bought her own kimber Ultra Raptor and recently brough home a Springfield Tropy Match.. The $2,000+ 1911's aren't for me, but then again I have built 1911's and would prefer to DIY a high end one myself. as a matter of fact I carried my Kimber Compact mot of the day. I could just as soon carried a full sized 1911 because our climate makes a "cover garment" normal whether you are carrying or not. I care not about the fact that it isn't High cap. If 7 .45s don't do it I have a spare mag or two which I will swap out as I am evacuating the area with all alacrity. (running like a japed ape is the technical term).

Having said that the REALLY expensive 1911's aren't for me I rhink they are absolutely terrific for those who want one. This is America and a top end 1911 is a great way to celebrate living in a great Country. I am seriously considering a high-end production 1911 .45 or 10mm in stainless to get really carried away with and having it engraved. Now there is really spending bucks on something totally unneccessary. But I can and I want one and that is all the justification it needs, just like a $2,000+ 1911.
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