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Yep, it's good to figure out what fits & works best for you, your guns and your situational needs.

When I was wearing an all-steel duty pistol (4566TSW) for my plainclothes assignment, along with spare mags, cuffs, radio and everything that needed to be in slacks pockets (including a couple of folding knives), my belt got a real workout. Being worn with slacks, it was narrower than most belts worn with jeans & some types of "dockers". I also needed both black and brown belts.

Having tried a "gun belt" made by one of the major holster makers, to carry a much lighter issued pistol (5903), with less than satisfactory results for me, I tried some different dress belts off the rack at some chain stores. Surprisingly, (or maybe not so surprisingly, given my experiences over the years ) I found some that worked great.

Now that I wear more paddle holsters than holsters with belt slots/tunnels (another subject entirely ), I find the belt issue is less critical for me, and I'm able to wear a wider range of belts with different jeans, slacks, shorts, etc.

I still have to use just as much consideration when selecting footwear, too.
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