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Originally Posted by LearningGlock View Post
Reading,reading,asking,asking,watching,asking more
I've been driving guys at the shooting range crazy. I don't like mistakes or accidents. And thanks for all the welcome.
This is a truly nice community !
That's good.

Have you heard yet about the most common way's to AD?

A. Not checking the gun before dryfire. That's why I suggest a triple check. 3 checks in a row, to provide a mental break before finger goes on trigger.

B. Not keeping a Glock type gun securely holstered. For my Glock's, I treat a quality kydex holster that fits well and covers the trigger guard as part of the safety system. Not taking the gun out to fark with it much goes a long ways toward staying safe.

See how well that attitude fits in with those you observe. In addition to the 4 basic safety rules Hopefully you already know those 4 rules by memory

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