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Originally Posted by wrangler_dave9 View Post
I am wondering what the differences are of an actual Gun Belt vs. a Dickies belt off the shelf at Wal-Mart. Are they thicker? made of a different material internally? Any note worthy differences in width? What makes it so much better to have a gun belt for IWB or OWB carry?

I had the same question as I had been using a cheap leather belt from when I was in high school.
I was seeing all these guys on here wearing gunbelts and I was like...... Really? 50$ belt
After having a hard time keeping my iwb glock in place I decided to try one and let me say OMG.
It makes a huge difference and makes carrying much more comfortable.
I bought a Tactical Trainer, made by 5.11 Tactical, I got it from optics 40$
It's so much more rigid and stays really tight
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