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Originally Posted by Arc Angel View Post
After a period of use the Dickies belt will soften up on you and begin to stretch causing your holster to sag and the gun's butt to begin patterning. Successful and effective concealed carry ALWAYS begins with a strong gun belt. Many years ago, after I bought my first gun belt, I was so pleased with the improvement in how my equipment carried that I have never again gone back to cheap belts and the way things used to be. I've got several belts around here from $150 to over $300 dollars. I don't like paying that kind of money for a belt; but, I do like the results; and I've learned that you really can go through life with only 3 decent gun belts. (Just don't gain any weight!)
^^Yep all this.

I've heard Tom Gresham refer it before has a "system" which is probably the best way to look at it. The firearm, the belt, the holster, manner of dress, etc. It all works to together to achieve the desired results.

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