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Originally Posted by dpadams6 View Post
True. I went to m&p armorer school. It is full cocked. Pulling trigger pivots the sear /bar, releasing the striker (that's already cocked). Its weird how a lot of people think different about this. Not sure why. Its pretty basic.
Yes it is. A little while back I got into a "firm" discussion (not nasty) with a gentleman on a website who believed that the sear moved the striker rearward one or two millimeters before releasing it. So I grabbed my M&P 9 Pro and a high intensity flashlight to closely examine both the sear and the striker lug and the fellow was WAY off base. If there is any movement at all, it would be in the tens of thousandths of an inch; nowhere near one or two millimeters.

When one uses the term DAO, one has to know what that means and why the term was applied to a given design. In my opinion, the two best examples of a DAO pistol would be the Kahr design (striker fired with no second strike capability) and the Kel-Tec P11 (hammer fired with second strike capability).
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