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Originally Posted by Boxerglocker View Post
OK, I've committed already to saying that I wouldn't, but the curiosity has gotten to me.

For a AK 7.62x39mm what's the average cost to load for a typical training round per a thousand?
Well I've never figured it out really. I buy the cheapest FMJ bullets I can find. I used to use Remington brass but it has changed from strong small primer cases to large primer cases I can't find due to limited production. Winchester brass does not last in this caliber. Lapua brass last a lot longer but is twice as much to buy. Back when I could find IMI brass it wasn't bad. There are PMC and Fiocchi cases. Federal cases are worse than Winchester cases. I can load ammo that is a lot more accurate than the cheap ammo.
Despite some media reports, there were no AK-47s involved in the incident
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