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Originally Posted by F106 Fan View Post
I would just look up the loads in the Norma Reloading Manual. Oh, wait... I just did!

For .223 bullets lighter than or equal to 55 gr, Norma 200 and 201 is recommended.

For 60 gr, Norma 200, 201 and 202 is recommended

For 69 gr, Norma 201, 202 and 203B is recommended

For the 69 gr Sierra MK, 24.0 - 25.7 gr Norma 203B will give 2805 - 2986 fps. OAL 2.244"

In .308, Norma 203B is recommended for bullets equal to or heavier than 165 gr.

Where did you find load data? WTF, I looked.... Oh there it is
I need to get some more 69 SMKs and maybe some 75s to try out.
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