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Originally Posted by coqui33 View Post
It is not just you. Kids nowadays are getting really stupid. It is the "gangsta" posing. They believe that a "real man" acts like a thug (guns, thefts, break-ins, and all).

The result?
  • About 8,000 Black teenagers are shot to death every year.
  • From ages 16 to 24, more A-A teens die from murder than from all other causes of death combined.
  • If you are a Black teen, you have one chance in 50 of being killed before your 24th birthday.

And before anyone complains that I mention African-American kids, when the OP did not, understand that the "gangsta" culture is percolating throughout U.S. society at an accelerating rate. All teenagers are being infected with this "stupidity".
Thanks for saying what others won't say. I live in GA and can attest this is very true. Very true and very disgusting.
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