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If you all hate unions so much then why don't you put your money where your mouth is? Don't take vacations, don't take any over time pay, split your days off. Don't take money for payment, demand company scrip. Use your scrip to buy goods at the company store and to pay your rent for company housing. Don't get sick. Don't get old either; after you are no longer useful, go off and die somewhere because you won't have a pension and your 401K has been stolen by the casino known as the stock market .
The fact is that the U.S. labor movement is a sham. It has become a dues collection business; concerned with its bottom line and not the well being of it's members. This is all by design. Big business, big labor and the U.S. government work side by side to keep the working class in just enough prosperity, just enough debt, and dumbed down enough by their education system so they don't realize how screwed they are and rebel. The corporate controlled media and education system propagate the anti labor agenda. Those greedy union members want to be able to receive a pension and health care after giving the best years of their life to some corporation. How dare they? Its OK for big business to receive tax breaks and incentives to move work over seas, though. Corporations are the biggest hogs sucking on the government welfare tit. If someone complains about this, blame the unions.. and the welfare mothers while they are at it.
Don't worry. All you big business/ anti union shills will soon get your wish. China is the poster child for free trade and globalization. This model will come to these shores soon. I don't think the corporate slave masters that you guys love some much will allow guns in company housing. You will turn in your guns to your corporate masters, because you love them.

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