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Originally Posted by Haasemd View Post
jpa - sorry to hear that about A.A., although I would have to say they were going down hill before enron, that just brought everything to light (haha only picking). but thank-you for sharing your experience. I am seeing that it seems practically foolish to carry at work but it will be something I have to feel out when I start working there. I guess one of the biggest reasons I feel the need to carry at work is because the city I am working in has had its runs with violence in the past (but what city hasn't?).
I agree that once the AC partners split off things were going downhill and all the controversy was a result of AA trying to aggressively expand their consulting business. The pressure on partners and senior managers to get consulting contracts was so high that they were willing to do almost anything to get that business.

Sorry for the threadjack. Back on topic, I was gonna suggest IWB if you're not comfortable leaving your gun in your bag or you're going to be leaving your bag unattended. I used to lock my bag in my desk drawer but some client sites you may not have that option.

Are you going to be traveling at all?
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