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Some refinishes are very thick and bring forth problems with the functioning of the slide.

Trigger Jobs:
Some go with a very light firing pin spring and strong trigger spring, this can cause issues two ways. One, as you pull the trigger the slide moves rear ward; two, the slide fails to go into batterie. Both issues are caused because the trigger spring is too strong for the firing pin spring. (a light recoil spring can add to this as well)

Please contact your gunsmith and see if he has found the problem. If not, let me fix it.

If you have further questions please send me an email.

Originally Posted by medaces View Post
I have a glock 21sf fitted with lonewolf longslide barrel. The only modification I have before fitting the longslide is a 2 lb trigger job and carbon fiber finish from I removed the internal parts of the stock slide and applied them to the lonewolf slide. My problem is when I move the lone wolf slide back and release it on the frame, it doesn't go all the way back. I have to push it back into place and feel like its catching something. I broke it down and could not find the problem. Note all are brand new and I have not fired the gun because of safety concerns. I left the gun with a gunsmith 1 week ago to see if he can address it. Any feedback on this is greatly appreciated
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