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Sounds like you'll be wearing about the same thing I wear everyday. I work in a lab but in management so can't rely on the labcoat to cover me up all the time.

My attire has my polo tucked all the time and I've tried just about everything so far, from tuckable holsters with G33 to 1911's. After years of trial and error I find myself with a P380 in my front pocket most of the time if I carry at all.

I wouldn't recommend using anything where you'd have to leave you gun un-attended (briefcase or portfolio type conceal) and I definately wouldn't assume your company is ok with guns on premesis. No large company nowadays is willing to take on the liablilty.

One thing I've had to reluctantly had to live with is the fact that the chances of needing a gun at work is significantly less than needing a job, so I'm not going to risk it unless I have an obvious situation that might change that ratio.

Good luck.
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