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I wear slacks and a golf shirt or oxford button-down to work everyday. I drive for long hours then stop in to see customers. (I am in sales) For me, the easiest way to carry in this clothing is pocket carrying a j-frame in a pocket holster. I have a tuckable IWB for both my j-frame, and my 5" 1911. If I only have one stop and know it's in a bad area, I take the 1911. It's too hard for me to keep the IWB holsters from printing during my work day. (I'm very "hands-on," so I am squatting down on the balls of my feet a lot and bending over to look at gate operators...which is what I sell). If you a normal day for you requires walking in to an office and sitting down without bending over movements, you can get away with a tuckable IWB. I highly recommend the Comp tac Minotaur holster and Kydex lined belt.

I wore a Galco dress gun belt for a couple of years, but they lose their rigidness over time. I hope the Comptac belt lasts me a long time. It is very firm and carries a holster well.
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