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Very fair point, I don't have the solo activist aspirations that many of my colleagues in the gun rights camp do, what I find is that one man is hopelessly (forgive the expression) outgunned and running up Pork Chop Hill, it doesn't matter if I'm doing something legal or not. I do my part by introducing people to firearms and to concealed carry, for which I can say I've steered 3 or 4 people into classes to get their licences. I ask the questions so that maybe someone with more aspirations can try to get this changed and make it easier for the rest of us to do what it is we have to do to keep ourselves secure. I had enough poor experiences with politics 12 years ago when State Senator Eric Fingerhut and his cronies couldn't even help a 4th grader (me) and his classmates try to make red the official state color of Ohio, a simple thing and yet even that was fraught with politics that made no sense, even now.
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