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Originally Posted by matthew.s View Post
Is there a law that says you have to look at those "Rules of Conduct" signs every time you step into an establishment that has one, because it seems that if you are under no obligation to look at the sign in the first place, and you don't see where they buried the "No Deadly Weapons of any kind" provision, then in that case, are you not at fault for not being aware of the policy of the property owners? Ignorance of the law is certainly not an excuse, especially after you looked at the sign the second go around, but if you go into a new place, and you don't glace at the small print on the inconspicuous sign, are you at fault for having not looked at the rules of the establishment? I do my best to remain inconspicuous when I am carrying in public, and I know NEVER to reveal that fact to anyone, so I'm not worried about tipping someone off.
Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the law say you cannot carry where a sign is posted? In that case the obligation of reading/knowing falls on the CCW holder. Didn't see the sign is no excuse. Ignorance is no excuse. Do you or I have to like it? NO! But that's the way it is.

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