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Originally Posted by cloudbuster View Post
If you didn't see the sign, oh well. I've missed a couple myself. The truth is, unless you're really clumsy about it, nobody's likely to even notice you're carrying. It's only a big issue if you have a confluence of bad events: you didn't notice the sign and someone noticed you carrying and that someone thought to call the police and the police responded promptly enough to actually encounter you, etc.
Is there a law that says you have to look at those "Rules of Conduct" signs every time you step into an establishment that has one, because it seems that if you are under no obligation to look at the sign in the first place, and you don't see where they buried the "No Deadly Weapons of any kind" provision, then in that case, are you not at fault for not being aware of the policy of the property owners? Ignorance of the law is certainly not an excuse, especially after you looked at the sign the second go around, but if you go into a new place, and you don't glace at the small print on the inconspicuous sign, are you at fault for having not looked at the rules of the establishment? I do my best to remain inconspicuous when I am carrying in public, and I know NEVER to reveal that fact to anyone, so I'm not worried about tipping someone off.

Originally Posted by cloudbuster View Post
I avoid places I know prohibit carry, and I'm pretty nonchalant about my carry in places where it is permitted. A couple weeks ago I bent over at the veterinarian to lift my dog. My shirt rode up while I was lifting and exposed my pistol to about four people behind me, and nobody said a word. Then again, it's a rural farm vet and pretty much everyone has guns out here.
As a rule I try to as well, but unfortunately most of my favorite places that I go (like Old Carolina BBQ Company), sneak the sign up on me after a period where they didn't have one. I only speak of shopping centers in this case simply as a matter of it being a convenient place to go for items I get my mother and my sisters on special occasions, I never buy anything in a mall for myself unless I'm in a food court. The places I go to the most unfortunately and have to disarm are the Libraries I visit, where I work, and where I go to College. I stopped going to a friend's coffee shop because it was inside a Medical Center (no weapons of any kind), which was a downer, but oh well.
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