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Originally Posted by matthew.s View Post
So if the phrase "Conspicuous Place" is not defined, would you consider a small typeface phrase buried in the middle of a poster of regulations that are not posted on all entrance ways a situation that works against you since it's so vague?
ABSOLUTELY!!! I've found that the "anti gun" LEOs and DA's will use anything they can any way they can against everyone they can. Don't mistake my comment to mean all LEOs, just the JBT types. Doesn't sound like you fit in that category.

Originally Posted by matthew.s View Post
If that is the case, then how can you enforce something so vague? As far as I am aware, there is no law which requires you from reading those posters in order to gain entrance to the place that posts them, unlike the decals which cite the exact legislation that the property owner is relying on, so how can you be aware of the regulations in the first place if they do exist? Why bother with something so stupid and unenforceable?
You stated in your original post, "ignorance of the law is no excuse". Many times laws are written vaguely in a effort to satisfy both sides when it rarely satisfies either. Most of the time all it does is cause normally law-abiding and honorable citizens grief.

Being vague, YOU must make your own decision as to what is right and honorable. It gives those that want a tool to use against anyone and everyone something to use. They are the one's you need to ask how they can do it. It easy to do just not right.

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