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I wouldn't ignore the warnings! Suppose I had a Glock Gen 1 .40. That chamber isn't very well supported. Or course, I am guessing that there is actually a Gen 1 .40 - I wouldn't know. Sometime back, actually, a long time back, there was a problem with Glock .40s.

But it IS a fact that there are still Glocks in circulation where the feedramp seriously undercuts the chamber.

I would check my chamber by dropping a round in place and see what I thought about the support of the case near the feedramp.

Somebody on this forum posts photos of the various barrels and I know I have seen similar photos in General Glocking. A forum search will probably turn up something.

There's a reason the warnings are there. For newer models it may not be an issue but it certainly used to be a problem. As the warnings are only related to .40, it is also apparent that the folks writing the manual knew exactly which guns had the defect.

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