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Lyman & Lee Manuals

Just noticed this --- Both the Lyman's 49th Edition and the Lee 2nd Edition Loading Manuals have notations in the .40 S&W sections of thier books that say not to use the data shown in for .40 S&W in chambers that are not fully supported.

Specifically, in the .40 S&W section of the Lee 2nd Edition manaul it says: "Do not use reloads in Glock or similar guns with chambers that do not fully support the cartrige due to intruision of the feed ramp."

The Lyman 49th Edition .40 S&W section it says: "Warning: Only use this data in handguns that fully support the cartridge in the chamber. If used in unsupported chambers, cases can ruture and cause harm to the shooter or bystanders."

There are not any of the "warnings" printed in sections of the reloading manuals for any other calibers. The "warnings" are printed only in the .40 S&W sections both of the reloading manuals.

Up until now I have reloaded only for 9mm. I have not loaded .40 S&W up until this point but recently bought a set of .40 S&W dies with plans to load for a G27.

WTF??? Are they serious? I assume that everyone just ignores the warnings. Or, am I wrong? Should I take the warnings seriously and load .40 S&W only in lighter loads?
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