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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
Sounds like Ohio law sucks. Wife went to visit someone in Ohio a few years back. Said she couldn't wait to get the hell out.
That aspect of the law sure does. Ohio's CCW laws have improved greatly since they were first implemented. When they first came out, they were utterly loaded with "gotcha" provisions (my term for a provision that turns a harmless action or an innocent oversight into a crime), and concessions to anti-gunners. Since then, they've cleaned up the car carry provisions a ton, allowed carrying in bars and restaurants as long as you're not drinking, and the Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that state CCW laws preempt local ordinances, as well as a few other minor issues (rest stops, etc.).

The notification requirement (burden is on the CCW holder to "promptly" notify an LEO he is carrying in any LEO encounter, or guilty of misdemeanor), criminalization of carry in government buildings and hospitals, and the instant criminalization of carrying on posted private property (you're guilty of a misdemeanor, again -- some states just require you to leave if asked), are the last really troublesome provisions.

As for the state as a whole, I lived in NJ before Ohio, so I suppose anything seems good after that socialist anti-gun hellhole. I really love Ohio. I find it a generally friendly place with a lot of beautiful country. You've got your good and bad in the cities, just like everyplace, but Columbus is one of the niceest cities to live in and visit that you could ask for.
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