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I'm not familiar with your law so I'll comment on Louisiana law and give my "opinion". Concealed means concealed so if they don't know I have it they can't complain. If I need it I'd rather have it then die or have a family member hurt or dead.

Accordion to Louisiana law if I'm found to be carrying where a business owner doesn't want me to I can be asked to leave. If I "refuse" to leave than I can be arrested and charged with trespassing. IF I REFUSE TO LEAVE!

One of the medical buildings go in to see a Dr. doesn't have any signs. Anther medical building owned by the same hospital where I go to see another Dr. has a sign. I ignore it! If I'm ever told I can't come in I won't go in. If I'm asked to leave I will. As I stated at the beginning, concealed means concealed. I doubt I'll ever have to worry about being asked to leave.

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