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Originally Posted by JHorner_G17C View Post
I really can't believe this but I just looked at every page (could have missed it ) and am I really going to be the first one to say I carry a Strider SNG with ranger green scale and black blade everywhere, everyday? Wtf GT? Strider and Reeve and Hinderer (as well as ZT) make some of the best hard use knives IMHO. I sometimes carry a ProTech godson if I'm dressing up, but by far the Strider lineup of folders are some of the toughest knives ever.
You make a valid point.

I've come to the conclusion that knives are like footwear; you take on what's appropriate for the task at hand. I love my Redwing boots, but I don't wear them all the time... in fact, I really look forward to taking them off at night.

To that end, for "rough use", I prefer a fixed blade. I'll pick up one of my Busse's, Cold Steels, or even a tomahawk depending on where I'm likely to be and what I'm doing, and will used a folder in conjunction with whatever's going on to fill in for the light work. Also, I don't want to pull out my Microtech Socom in the post office to cut the twine off a package, if you follow... couple that with the fact I'm not as likely to be found in the bush unless it's in pursuit of a good time, and my choice of cutlery will more likely be toward the finer end.

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