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Originally Posted by faawrenchbndr View Post
My favorite is Spyderco
Same here.

As I type this I have a Tenacious cliped to my pocket.

But I also have a:

Manix 2

A Stainless Endura:

A Delica:

And a Ladybug:
On my key ring so it goes everywhere I go.

I also have a Buck Strider:
That I absolutely love but I never carry it bcause I don't want to lose it since they aren't made anymore.

I think my favorite is the Manix 2. If I was to have only one folder it's the one. Aside from the Strider that is... Also, if you want to really use this knife, skip the stainless steel handled Spyderco's and go with the FRN or G-10 models.

Hope this helps you Eric in your quest for the best pocket knife...
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