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Originally Posted by blastfact View Post
How are they mismanaging it?
The company seems to have issues with producing their designs in a timely manner that meets the demand that their marketing has created. This inability to meet the demand creates ill feelings in potential customers.

The thing that is most frustrating for me is that Kel Tec has done this with so many cool products. RFB, RMR, and PMR are all examples of a strong public response to Kel Tec's new products. However, small production runs and sky high initial pricing hurt the potential for these firearms and Kel Tec.

If you give people too much time waiting on some of this stuff they start asking why they are paying $1,800 for a bullpup FAL (in the case of the RFB). Or $600 for a .22 magnum that is crap for self defense and more expensive than 22lr for plinking. People, at least people like me, will buy this stuff because it is cool. If you wait too long to get it on the shelves we start asking ourselves if it is also practical.

I also think the KSG can be produced in such a manner that pricing would be comparable to most other pump shotguns on the market.

The KSG is cool and practical and I want it for both personal and business purposes. I think Kel Tec announced the gun at Shotshow 2011, in January of that year. Its been a year and a half and for all intensive purposes it still can't be had.

So let's have some more companies jump into the game. Heck license the design to someone who can make these things and Kel Tec will still make a killing.
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