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Right now I am playing with
  • WSF
  • Universal
  • Power Pistol
  • SR 7625
  • WST
  • WIN 231
  • tightgroup
They are all plenty accurate enough for glocks. Any of them will work for 9MM or 40. All of them flow well through a progressive press powder meter.

WSF, Universal, Power Pistol, SR 7625 are all medium burners and therefore are a bit more versatile and have more loading range.

WST and SR 7625 are the bulkiest. It would be almost impossible to double charge them in 9MM or 40.

If I wanted to load 9mm, 40SW and 10mm and only wanted to buy one powder I would take a hard look at these three, listed im my order of preference.
  1. WSF
  2. SR 7625
  3. Power Pistol
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