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Originally Posted by David_G17 View Post
here's what i was told by my grandfather:

it was originally made in 1906.
and it was designated "thirty caliber of 1906". Because there previously existed an earlier .30 cal round.
it was shortened (who wants to say all that) to "thirty of '06" (pronounced 'oh-six').
then eventually became "thirty alt six".

just easier to say i guess, but i'm no historian. that's just what i heard.
Aught - noun: 1. A cipher (0); zero
2. Aughts: the first decade of a century, especially the years 1900 - 1909 or 2000 to 2009

As in "thirty aught-six"
. The 30 caliber invented in nineteen aught six.
Irresponsible use of alcohol kills many times those killed by guns. And look what happened to PROHIBITION 100 years ago!

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