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Wide Variety of Magazine Options for Glock 30

Yes indeed, there are many mag options for the Glock 30 considering all the Glock factory mags (OEM) and aftermarket 45ACP magazines and extenders that are available.

When you start to think about adding magazine capacity for range use and home defense with the G30/G30SF/G30S, keep in mind the wide array of options to choose from with your pistol.

For the G30/G30SF/G30S 45ACP, I can recommend the following combinations of mags and extenders that can be configured to hold 9, std. 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 27, or 30 rounds of 45ACP in a single magazine:
  • 9-rnd (Glock OEM optional flush fit mag for G30/G30SF/G30S)
  • 10-rnd (Glock OEM std. mag for G30/G30SF/G30S)
  • 11-rnd (Glock OEM 9-rnd mag with Pearce +2)⁽⁾
  • 13-rnd (Glock OEM std. mag for G21 that also works in G30/G30SF/G30S)
  • 15-rnd (G21 OEM mag with Pearce +2)
  • 17-rnd (G21 OEM mag with Arredondo +4)
  • 27-rnd (SGM Tactical Mag⁽⁾ made in S. Korea but SGMT-installed mag spring is robust)
  • 30-rnd (G21 OEM mag with KRISS Vector MagEx made by Magpul in USA, advertised as 25+rd)
I highly recommend the Arredondo +4 mag extension for reliability and excellent durability.

The KRISS Vector MagEx mag extension has been reliable in my experience. It is very durable in drop tests. If you decide to buy the KRISS extension, get just one and test it thoroughly before buying more. The KRISS MagEx is advertised as a 25+ round mag since they began shipping an extra-power mag spring with the extension to better ensure feed function and reliability. Nevertheless, I routinely load 30 rounds in the KRISS MagEx using an UpLULA™ ammo loader.

Note the following warning from KRISS regarding G21 mag compatibility.

"Note: We have found that the older, first-generation G21 magazines (circa 1995 and marked by pre-ban printing between the round count windows), may have occasional functional issues when installed in these MagEx kits that can cause the follower/spring assembly to hang up as the magazine unloads. Best results will come from using the newer generation G21 magazines."
Mag extensions and aftermarket high-cap 45ACP mags that I've tested and rejected in favor of superior alternatives include the Scherer +2 (SUPER2) and the S.Korean-made Victory brand 27-rnd 45ACP mag also sold under the KCI brand name.

WARNING - DO NOT install a Pearce +2 or Scherer +2 extension on the G30 10-rnd mag. Pearce warns that the +2 extension (PG-G45P2) is not intended for the G30 mags. I'll go further and state that using a +2 on the 10-rnd mag can have disastrous consequences. I tested the Pearce +2 on the G30 10-rnd mag and discovered that the mag follower "tipped over" at the bottom of the fully-loaded mag and jammed against the mag wall, rendering the mag inoperative. It's a very serious failure mode since there is no outward indication that the loaded mag is disabled until you shoot the pistol. The pistol malfunctions with a failure to feed after one round has been chambered from the mag, fired and ejected. There is no spring tension to raise the stack of loaded ammo in the jammed mag once the top round has been stripped from the mag.


This configuration will load 11, but some type of magazine loader is required (for example, UpLULA™). It is extremely tight loaded to 11, so don't expect 100% trouble-free function. Also consider it for an alternate 10-rnd mag (downloading one round) as a substitute for the OEM 10-rnd mag. You may find the angle of the +2 floorplate, in relation to the grip, more to your liking than the OEM 10-rnd mag floorplate. It may load 10+1 more easily in a tight pistol that has trouble with the OEM 10-rnd mag loaded to capacity.

2. See my full review of the 27-rnd .45ACP SGM Tactical mag. In my opinion, the SGM Tactical mag with +2 floorplate is suitable for mainly range practice because the results of fully-loaded drop tests showed some vulnerability. The robust mag spring in the SGMT mag is similar to the mag spring in the KRISS Vector MagEx Extension Kit for a G21 mag. While very functional, the SGMT mag quality is not quite up to Glock OEM quality standard. The ruggedness can be greatly improved by replacing the +2 floorplate with a Glock OEM flat floorplate and mag insert, thus reducing total capacity to 25-26 rounds.

3. Photographs courtesy of Glock Talk members; (a)Phantom465, (b)Butch, (c)jamesbern, and (d)Hogpauls.

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